Who is G.V. Loewen?

“Winds of change, keeps you searching for the truth,

Sea of rage, slowly drowning wasted youth.”

– Testament, 2012.

As an aging metalhead I would only remind readers that some of the topics and arguments presented on this site, especially in the blog, may not be for the faint of heart. Apart from my vocation, metal is much more than merely music and has an interest in general human freedom, as Sam Dunn himself had occasion to note in his second film. In any case, the reader beware. For a critical philosophy nothing remains sacred, with the exception of perhaps the idea of the question. So far, the character of love, justice, freedom, person and education are to be questioned as critically as possible in the blog texts, of diverse forms.

“Discover and conceive the secret wealth

and pass it unto your breed.

Become your own congregation;

Measure the sovereignty of it’s invigoration.”

– Dimmu Borgir (2003)

Aside from thinking and writing, I love the great outdoors, where my wife and I may often be found together…

In 2016, Newcastle Island Provincial Marine Park, BC, Canada.

My lovely wife Jennifer, for whom I am so grateful, 2016, Salish Sea, Canada.

I wrote this poem for her birthday that year:

For May 24th

Let us not speak of fair, or fairness

For plenty are deeper hued and still as perfect

But this one happens to be golden

And oh, so the golden moments.

Speak not of the sky,

its overcast, its elusive blue

For the ocean is as deep beneath what soars above

And this one happens to be sea green

And then, what oceanic vision.

And tell neither of the dance,

the grace of those who practice on

declared in turn and turn again.

But this one moves as well without

the circle of performance.

Instead attend the bright incision

neither chorus nor yet echo

For there are tongues as deft and wits as quick

as the winged ones who mix their call and flight.

– GVL, May 21st 2016.