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This is my first adult general fiction novel, written back in 2019, stand alone, with some semi-autobiographical elements turned to an auto-hagiographic first person narrative. Not for the faint of heart.
Volume 6 of ‘Kristen-Seraphim’ has now been released. See the saga page for more details.
An out-take and the full back cover blurbs reproduced below. Cover illustration and spine inset by Kei Gania.

“Kristen felt almost alive now. That was one thing those who wondered about killing often overlooked. The death of the other really did make the self acutely aware of its continued existence. Maybe that was a key to the history of humanity in general. Maybe, in fact, a profound one.” (from the novel)

With a decaying corpse washing up on a secluded beach and a woman from the Renaissance flinging an infant off the cliff above it, the heroes know they are in for a death-defying journey that will also embrace the very source of death itself. But the origin of human darkness in the world is an entirely other world, replete with soulless duplicates of themselves, ready to conquer and enslave everything they had previously fought for and love. The liminalists in spirit, the resentfulists in death, are also the regressivists in life. And such is the life that they would bring upon this world that the legendary team must confront the true stakes of their ongoing conflict. With Smiley and Seraphim now squarely on their side, and a naïve but gutsy police Captain whose induction into the cabal’s deepest secrets opens the heroes onto a wider reality, multiple soul-searching sacrifices are in store, including no less than the ultimate murder.

“The second Kristen comes into her own in the next transfixing installment of the Kristen-Seraphim Saga, but this at a higher price than any of her comrades would have guessed. As deeply troubled as the heroes of this radical demythology of myth find themselves, readers will both mourn and rejoice with them at every turn of the existential table round which the entirety of the human future is to be decided.” (from the publisher)

Volume 4 of the Kristen-Seraphim Saga will appear on October 30. My thanks to the staff at AM Cambridge and special laudatio to the illustrator who has captured the source of the menacing theme very well.
Volume 3 of the Kristen-Seraphim Saga is out on November 29th!
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Forgetting the Dreamtime 2018

August 31, 2018 release date for my first mid-length fiction effort, for teen and young adult readers.

The first of a ten volume fantasy-adventure saga, Forgetting the Dreamtime, a novel of growing up, introduces the chief protagonist, Kristen Anne Smythe. All is not well in her insulated and isolated world. She courageously, if naively, begins the journey to change both it and herself. But before she’s done, she must face the most deadly and cruel challenge to all youth -learning how to both live and love through sacrificing the comforting illusions of childhood. In doing so, she finds that she also must sacrifice the  very myths of her culture and much else besides.

Click on the link to view an internet PDF image of the full cover of the novel. Click below for the publisher’s trailer: