Forgetting the Dreamtime

A full length review of KS1 has appeared here, second down under YA fiction:


August 31, 2018 release date for my first mid-length fiction effort, for teen and young adult readers.

The first of a ten volume fantasy-adventure saga, Forgetting the Dreamtime, a novel of growing up, introduces the chief protagonist, Kristen Anne Smythe. All is not well in her insulated and isolated world. She courageously, if naively, begins the journey to change both it and herself. But before she’s done, she must face the most deadly and cruel challenge to all youth -learning how to both live and love through sacrificing the comforting illusions of childhood. In doing so, she finds that she also must sacrifice the very myths of her culture and much else besides.

Click on the link to view an internet PDF image of the full cover of the novel. Below is a link to the publisher’s trailer: