The Kristen-Seraphim Saga

The full cover for volume 5 of Kristen-Seraphim ‘Life Worthy of Life’ featuring Nova Scotia artist Kei Gania’s striking front cover painting and spine inset. To be released world wide in May under its first traditional contract. I am delighted and looking forward to seeing books 6 and 7 also out by the end of this calendar year.
The full cover of volume 4 of the 11 volume Kristen-Seraphim Saga. Its themes are trust and faith in love and community, the confrontation with loss and overcoming grief, and the dangers of self-doubt, all transfigured into epic allegory. Enjoy!
Volume 3 is appearing on November 29th! Click the above link for more.
Seraphim is Kristen’s older sister; much, much older, so it turns out. (illustrator: Stefan Meisl).

We don’t meet Seraphim directly until book 3, but when we do…

“Illness and plague, torture and blight, is what she brings.

Mocking holy standards, deceiving feeble fools, is what she loves.

Granted with powers, gifted with magic

Watching the world through raven eyes.”

Dimmu Borgir (1997)

May 31st is the release date for book 2 of the saga: The New Self-Reliance: a novel of endurance. More details and full cover image soon.

Here is a link to the local newspaper’s article on the saga and upcoming launch of book 2:

The first book of a ten volume cycle is out now!

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