The Kristen-Seraphim Saga

Volume 6 of the 11 volume epic has now been released. Full blurbs below…

“Does it matter? You can read the message we’re sending out.” Kristen was now suddenly bored. Tired out. Killing was not really her thing. She didn’t enjoy it, like Evie, and she didn’t remain unaffected by it, like her sister. She wasn’t much good at it technically either, like Mike. It didn’t give her something to hang her hat on, like it had for Kylie for a while. And shamefully, she felt little remorse in it, even after all the other possibilities had been barred to her. Unlike Mary. No, she was most like Michelle. Maybe that’s why her successor had actually fallen in love with the second Michi. Well, she had left them together with their fashion photographer who used to also be hers and hers alone. Kristen suddenly felt quite lonely. ‘Kriss’, double-s, that’s who I am now. No, it wouldn’t do. It was ludicrous. She was still Kristen, just the one that now no one needed. Except for her sister. That was really the key to all of this horror after all. Loyalty to her beloved sister, making up for all of her cowardice she’d shown back in their family home worlds ago.” (from the book)

And what a message! But is this the spirit of the world speaking or merely the human spirit, tortured and yet aspiring, desolate and yet hopeful? Faced with both staggering reincarnations and canny returns of those the heroes never expected to see again, their sacred community is torn apart by conflicting loyalties and questions about the character of their faithless faith. What is love? What is freedom? What is friendship? What is trust? But the deepest thing about their ethical abyss is not that it is gripping, nor even that it grips you by the throat, but that long after you think it is finally finished, it has refused to let you go.

“The radicality of Kristen-Seraphim reaches new heights – and depths – in this the most disturbing installment thus far. The contrast between the whimsically good-natured domesticity with which the next series of increasingly shocking incidents begins and their horrifying outcomes could not be more starkly inventive. Loyal readers will be forced to question everything the legendary characters now face; but the ultimate question is how they indeed answer to these deeper challenges.” (From the publisher).

The full cover for volume 5 of Kristen-Seraphim ‘Life Worthy of Life’ featuring Nova Scotia artist Kei Gania’s striking front cover painting and spine inset. To be released world wide in May under its first traditional contract. I am delighted and looking forward to seeing books 6 and 7 also out by the end of this calendar year.
The full cover of volume 4 of the 11 volume Kristen-Seraphim Saga. Its themes are trust and faith in love and community, the confrontation with loss and overcoming grief, and the dangers of self-doubt, all transfigured into epic allegory. Enjoy!
Volume 3 is appearing on November 29th! Click the above link for more.
Seraphim is Kristen’s older sister; much, much older, so it turns out. (illustrator: Stefan Meisl).

We don’t meet Seraphim directly until book 3, but when we do…

“Illness and plague, torture and blight, is what she brings.

Mocking holy standards, deceiving feeble fools, is what she loves.

Granted with powers, gifted with magic

Watching the world through raven eyes.”

Dimmu Borgir (1997)

May 31st is the release date for book 2 of the saga: The New Self-Reliance: a novel of endurance. More details and full cover image soon.

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The first book of a ten volume cycle is out now!

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