The New Self-Reliance

The New Self-Reliance: a novel of endurance

Book 2 of the Kristen-Seraphim Saga; a review has appeared at this link:

Publisher’s Summary:

Kristen and Mike’s joy in reunion is immediately plunged into a new series of challenges that force them to suspend their disbelief in an ever-shifting world of trans-dimensional intrigue. From spirits animating the wrong bodies, agents from another universe, sudden membership in a family they’ve never before known, and dangerous technologies from both the future and the past, the heroes must also confront the ongoing mystery of how to replace the undead God or even if they should do so. Slowly assembling their team of intrepid young friends who themselves are not at first where they need to be, Mike stolidly pursues the dual nemesis of both their antagonist and his strange tools, while Kristen travels back to Tudor England to reboot the time-line in their favour. The narrative hurtles forward until they are all hanging on a precipice, their friends both new and old trapped in time, Mike transformed materially and his soul mate Kristen stunningly and unexpectedly transfigured.

“The second installment of Loewen’s radical new adventure series is everything readers could have hoped for. The mystery deepens, the stakes attain new heights, and the characters develop insightful personal relationships that find them thrown together in both existential bliss and angst. This shocking cliff-hanger will only raise the ante, for readers as much as for the heroes themselves.”