Fetish. Cult and Disenchantment: sociological studies of the projected self

A few copies of this are still kicking around, I see:


This is a book about projects. Not only those undertaken by our fellow humans to give their lives meaning, but those which magnify and project them into the already ontological landscape of the world. Further, these meaning generating activities are self-projections, in the classic psychological sense of the term. We are thrown projects in the existential sense, running along towards death, as Heidegger so famously, and perhaps prematurely, remarked. We also, along the way, choose amongst projects of rational action, as well as being projected into their anticipated social spheres by institutions, custom, and praxis. There is thus a triple sense intended by the sub-title, that expands upon the themes of human action as desiring and desireful, curious and curiosity, and cresting and crestfallen. Our sense of selfhood is the ongoingness of attenuated and sometimes aleatory meaning. Purpose is at once at hand, along with the knowledge to bring it about, and at once abstracted and afar, fraught with the indigent ignorance that is the horizon of all projects.