We Other Nazis – how you and I are still like them

A review of this book from Europe has appeared here:


In this new analysis of the perennial political structures and ideological trends of the modern nation state, Loewen confronts the ongoing problem of various forms of fascism that seem to percolate through contemporary society. In the realms of art, health, imagination and myth, and others, this book exposes the disturbing links between the historical Nazis and ourselves. This book also contains insightful commentaries on half-forgotten texts from Herbert Spencer, Ernst Cassirer, and the political anthropologist Pierre Clastres, among others. Though it is a sobering account of our lack of progress, Loewen consistently exhorts us to face up to the relationships we maintain with Nazism and fascism more generally, and in a more critical light, to work to construct a more humane and compassionate society.

The launch of this book from 2013 attracted over forty people early in 2014. I remain grateful to all those who bought and read this disconcerting and difficult book.