Scholarly Articles

Peer-Reviewed articles are listed chronologically by date of publication. The links below are more reliable than google scholar’s list, and also this presents a complete list (26), though one of the serials appears to be no longer extant and a couple of others are missing their archives.

One caveat: in general, these publications do not represent additional material to that found in my books, though there are some significant exceptions to this where a pilot study first reported as a book chapter progressed to a full research paper over the years.

2011i      ‘Elements of Iberian and Pre-Columbian Cosmology in Central Meso-America’, in The International  Journal of Sociology and Anthropology, volume 3 #1. Jan. 2011. Pp. 22-39 dc. ISSN# 2006-988×148-93

2011ii     ‘The Character of Female Gender Imagery and Culture Memory in Disciplinary Fetish Internet Sites and Voluntaristic Organizations’, in Journal of Media and Communication Studies, volume 3 #5, May 2011. Pages 170-187 dc. ISSN 2141-2545

2011iii    ‘Universities and the Construction of Knowledge in Anthropology 1950-2000: a study in the sociology of academic discourse’, in British Journal of Education Research, volume 1 #2. Oct. 2011, Pp. 107-143 sc. ISSN 2249–5983

2011iv   ‘Thinking the Past Anew: The Prehistory of Non-Linear Digital Systems in Archaeology: 1960-1990’, in The International Review of the Social Sciences and Humanities volume 1 #3 Oct. 2011, Pp. 49-67 sc. ISSN 2248–9010.

2011v    ‘On Distinguishing Between Criticism and Critique in the Light of Historical Consciousness’, in Journal of Arts and Culture Volume 2, #3, Nov. 2011. Pp. 71-78 dc. ISSN 0976-9862

2011vi   ‘The Construction of Gender in Mid-Century British Social Anthropology’, in American Journal of Sociological Research volume 1, #1. Dec. 2011 Pp. 1-9 dc. ISSN DOI:10.5923/j

2012i      ‘The Post-War Popular Fetish of the Non-Human Other: UFOs, Aliens, and Ourselves’, in International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Volume 1, #2. Jan. 2012. Pp. 38-45 dc ISSN: 2231-3532.60-266

2012ii     ‘The Language of Calling and Assignation in Academic Anthropological Careers’, in Anthropology and Humanism volume 37, #1. June 2012. Pp.64-83 sc ISSN 1548-1409

2012iii    ‘A Critical Hermeneutics on the Use of Custom in the Classroom: Hexis into Praxis’ in The British  Journal of Education and Behavioural Studies, volume 2, #2. May 2012. Pp. 202-219 sc ISSN 2778-0998

2012iv   ‘On the Uncanny Subjectivity of Art’, in META: Research in Hermeneutics, Phenomenology and Practical Philosophy, volume 4 #1, June, 2012. Pp.133-153 sc ISSN 2067-3655.

2012v    ‘Is there Hermeneutic Authenticity in Pedagogical Praxis?’ in Journal of Education and General Studies,volume 1 #8, July 2012. Pp. 180-187 dc ISSN 2277-0984 (archive under construction):

2012vi   ‘Phronesis as the Educational Outcome of Hermeneutics’, in International Journal of Academic Research in Progressive Education and Development, volume 1, #3, July 2012. Pp. 110-124 sc ISSN 2226-6348

2012vii  ‘The ‘Outer Child’ as a Form of Subjective Experience of the Lifeworld’, in Journal of Sociological   Research, volume 3, #2, September 2012. Pp. 215-233 sc ISSN 1948-5468

2012viii ‘Relationships between Ethos and Mythos in the Social Organization of Thought’, in Sociology, volume 2 #1, October 2012. Pp. 25-45 sc ISSN 2249-1678.

2013i      ‘The Ongoing Myth of the State’, in World Research Journal of Political Science, volume 1, #1. February. Pages 1-11 dc. ISSN (10.97351)

(This journal is out of print).

2013ii     ‘Image and Imagination in Fascist Ideology’, in Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Science, volume 6, #3. February 2013. Pages 317-332 sc. ISSN 1991-8178

2013iii    ‘Anxiety and the Death Imagery of Desire’, in Global Journal of Human Social Science Economics, volume 13, #2, April, 2013. Pages 17-25 dc. ISSN 2249-460X, 0975-587X

This journal’s archives appear to be down.

2013iv   ‘The Problem of Fascism in Everyday Life’ in American Journal of Sociological Research volume 3, #4.  July, 2013. Pages 73-89 dc. ISSN DOI:10.5923/j.sociology.20130304.01

2013v    ‘The Artful Recollection of the Self’, in Scholarly Journal of Scientific Research and Essays, volume 2, #7 July, 2013, Pages 96-103 dc ISSN: 2315-6163

2013vi   ‘The Sublimated Ideology of the Object’, in META: Research in Hermeneutics, Phenomenology and Practical Philosophy, volume 5 #2 December 2013. Pp. 397-420, sc. ISSN 2067-3655

2014i      ‘Some Hermeneutical Implications of Heidegger’s Phenomenology of Religion’, in Philosophical Papers and Reviews, volume 5 # 2, May 2014. Pp. 13-30 dc ISSN 2141-663X. [266-151]

2015i      ‘The Apokotastatic Dynamic of Recollection and Place’, in European Journal of Research and Reflection in Arts and Humanities, Volume 3, #1. January 2015, Pp. 48-62. sc. ISSN 2309-0405.

2015ii     ‘Relations Amongst Anxiety, Anonymity and the Open Space of the Public’, in Global Journal of Inter-Disciplinary Social Science, Volume 4, #1, January-February 2015. Pp. 53-58 sc. ISSN 2319-8834

2015iii    ‘The Problem of Alienation in Objective Spatiality’, in Journal of Social Science Studies, Volume 2 #2, July 2015. Pp. 278-293, sc ISSN 2329-9150

2015iv   ‘The Afterlife of God’, in International Review of Social Sciences, Volume 3, #11. November, 2015.Pp. 535-544 sc. ISSN 2309-0081.

2016i      ‘Mechanistic Solidarity and the Diminution of Consciousness’, in Global Journal of Inter-Disciplinary Social Science, Volume 5, #6, November-December 2016. Pp.1-12 sc. ISSN 2319-8834